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Why Lead Generation for your business? It’s simple. More quality leads will increase revenue for your business period. If you aren’t keeping the pipeline full at all times your business is probably more stressful than it has to be.

Imagine for a moment never having to worry about where revenue will come from. Imagine having a fully booked calendar and a wait list of awesome clients who rave about your services. But at the end of the day, it’s not just about getting more leads. It’s about getting QUALITY leads that actually convert into sales for your business. Not a lot of SEO companies know how to do that.

Red Whale Media has developed a unique process for Lead Generation. This process helps ensure our clients receive the largest web presence available to generate the widest reach of leads that pay.

So how does Red Whale Media generate strong quality leads?

The basis of our lead generation system is to utilize as many web properties as possible in each of our customers target markets to convert more traffic to their business.

There are countless ways of generating leads and the correct methods that should be used are different for every niche. Every month there are thousands of searches for specific business services in each different industry. Our team has developed a proven strategy to capture these leads and funnel them directly to your business. When these funnels are set up correctly, you’ll start to receive a high volume of inquiries for your services directly from these searches. It’s imperative that your business is prepared for the increase in traffic prior to setting up these lead generation methods and our team is standing by to do just that!

Here are some of the popular way’s we can generate leads for your business so you see a spike in revenue.

  • Organic Results: The goal is to be listed #1 on Google’s first page of search and #1 on the Google local listings map pack. This method has proven to generate a massive amount of highly converting leads that turn into paying customers.
  • Search Engine Optimization: By creating quality backlinks (votes) and having great quality, assertive and specific content tailored to strong highly converting keywords it will help increase your rankings permanently in all search engines which will essentially increase revenue over time.
  • Social Media Advertising: There is no better platform to leverage than FB when it comes to directly being able to target the demographics your business serves. We’ve been able to generate high volume leads that convert really well using Facebook Advertising.
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising: PPC is another great way to generate high quality paying leads by using Google Adwords, Bing ads, and Yahoo advertising.
  • Buy Leads: A lot of business owners don’t know they have an option other than to buy leads from a platform like Thumbtack and Homeadvisor. But the problem with those platforms is when a customer submits a quote that inquiry goes to five other companies making it extremely hard to convert the lead. But if you work with us there is no guess work. There is no under bidding jobs. You’re able to get paid your worth and not fight for business anymore.
  • Referral Incentives: These type of deals include giving coupons, discounts, and bonuses to another business that referred paying clients to your business.
  • Word of Mouth: Happy customers spread the word about your business and tend to refer your services often. When you work with our team you’ll have more new business which means more new happy customers, and happy customers will spread the word giving your company the opportunity to go “viral” locally.

At Red Whale Media, we create detailed lead-generation strategies specific to your business model and growth goals. We’ll work with you to create an investment plan that allows your business to thrive.

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